Our Journey

Thai people should have the opportunity to find a dream home that meets their lifestyle. Baania has developed technology and build a platform to be an intermediary between real estate buyers and sellers. Later, when consumer behavior and eras have changed rapidly. Therefore, we bring a database of Big Data that is consistent and relevant to the real estate industry to create and develop new innovations to provide comprehensive real estate services for buying/selling/renting, home loan, real estate appraisal, residential renovations. Developing the sales of brokers, hoping that Baania will be a key cog in the real estate industry and related industries of Thailand, to create maximum benefits for both the public, private and public sectors.



Thai real estate industry should be continuously developed, therefore we invite you to become our partner to create and develop new things for the greatest benefit to the public.

Awards & Recognition

Technology and Big Data are at the heart of Baania, thus earning the trust of the government sector, private and public sectors. We will continue to develop our products, so that Thailand is driven by big data and technology.