High performance Thailand real estate trading platform that bring various technologies to create a new experience that meets both buyers and sellers satisfaction. The buyer will receive information that meets their needs, reliable, easy to search, low number of duplicate assets with latest update information. As for the seller, you can create listings for free, unlimited ads, easy to use, easy approace to target the buyers. Also, gain insights to plan and develop sales.


A new online real estate brokerage platform for real estate companies that will help expand the customer base and increase visibility to close the sale faster and easier. Using reliable technology and Big Data at the same time, it is another way to generate income for the general public without any charge. By sharing assets in the system and receive a share of the revenue from closing the sale.


An intelligent price estimation system that uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to calculate the most suitable real estate price (Fair Price) to meet the needs of those who want to know the market price and the middle price of real estate in Thailand without any cost, fast, easy to use and highly accurate price calculations.

Home Renovation

Renovated resale property center covering all over Thailand by using Big Data and experts to analyze market demand. Choosing the location and project renovated by expert and highly experienced architects also set the price by using technology to help estimate the right price. In order to get good quality renovated property, great location in low price. It is worthwhile for both those who want to buy for their own living or investment.