Prop2Share, a new online real estate brokerage system. This includes real estate from first-hand projects, consignment owners, rental rooms, or even beautiful second-hand houses.
However, those who are interested in becoming a broker can join without having to go to the event page themselves because Prop2Share has a service team to provide services from the process of contacting those who register in the project until closing the sale, so just the brokers who share the project listings and the sale is closed, they can receive a share of the sales. Project developers can also ensure that projects posted in Prop2Share will be shared to a wider audience through Prop2Share's brokerages.
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Just Share and Earn
Members can share projects to social media by increase the chances of selling then get a commission when it is closed from the member link.
Best Project, Best Price
There are projects with special deals, popular and interesting projects that we ensure they are the best for users and buyers. All on our website.
Build Career, Earn Income
There is a team that provides advice for new members to develop them till turn into professional real estate brokers.